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The idea behind the whale illustration

Our most natural tendency as illustrators is to create oniric and open to interpretation designs. Sometimes we can associate those illustrations with some elements in nature.

This collection came from pure randomness or from a simple thought or influence in mind, while messing around on paper. It tends to represent a bit more of our particular style of illustrating.

We call them mutants because they keep changing perspectives and even to us they are always mutating, as our brand.

Creative background

With the fluidity that characterizes this collection, this particular design with this sea creature seems to be more connected with those adjectives.

The feeling of motion and the idea of the whale swimming, coming together with people also swimming or even dancing inside it. What are they doing in there it’s up to your imagination.

A simple representation of the biggest living creature on our planet and the inherent message of species preservation.

This illustration was designed with a thin point pilot pen, scanned and digitally cleansed.

whale illustration by fioAgua

You can check the whale illustration in our t-shirts at our shop. Let us also know what did you think about the design conception at our instagram or facebook page.