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The Idea

At the beginning of this brand, we had to challenge our creativity, we wanted to participate in a sex convention, as a motive we chose to relate Porto’s buildings and landscapes to human sexual symbols.

We started by choosing the organs that are more sexually representative/ explicit: mouth/lips, breasts, butt, penis and vulva. Then we looked for them in the landscape and architecture landmarks of Porto, more or less two weeks before we got to sketching on paper/computer.

Some of these elements could be other or both some times, we had a hard choice.

At that point we identified the D. Luis I bridge with a vulva, a penis with the Clrigos Tower, breasts with Casa Musica / Crystal Palace and lips with Douro River.


Vulva as Luis I Bridge

Some words about Luis I Bridge

It is one of the most representative architectural elements of the cast-iron architecture, the Eiffel Tower is the ex-libris example of this style.

In 1881, Thophile Seyrig, a disciple of Gustave Eiffel, started this project influenced by his participation on the D.Maria Pia bridge, in which the influences are visible.

This bridge strategically placed between the two granite colossuses in Porto and Gaia gives a unique beauty connection to the cities.


Creativity background

In our own purpose, we sought to find in this bridge different ways of interpreting, we isolated it, we multiplied it, mirrored it…

We stopped in anaesthetic shape where the creative vision of who observes it, can observe the bridge in a structural way or simply in a more organic way with big resemblances to the vulva.