a strange story

Idea Context

With no prior intention of launching a collection of unusual or “Strange Things”, whether in the form of events, objects, or concepts, we created an illustration where their classification could be of that nature.

A UFO t-shirt pulls through our imagination, mixing the myth, stories and history created about his “Vikings” visits, with the logic that on so many planets in the Universe, other “complex” forms of life, naturally in the world of probability will have to exist, let’s forget the light years away, among other possibilities.

Open the day where we could find beings in the shape of a t-shirt.

We have enough ideas for this collection, we promise not to spoil “Stranger Things”.

T-shirt Ovni

Some words about the Life Forms of the universe

[what you are going to read is fiction]

Beings of reduced size, potentially green, reduced in size to be able to travel at the speed of light, green not to stop at the intergalactic traffic lights.

They have been seen several times in this world, predominantly in Area 51, this being an intergalactic service station where all of us will be able to drink a glass and have two fingers of conversation, yes, there are only two fingers proving Darwin’s theory of evolution, not only in Earth not flat (John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight episode about conspiracy theories) but on other Earth-like galactic surfaces, Planets, slightly flattened round.

These beings are very discreet, vegetarian, practice yoghttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iogaa, walk, do not use social networks, prefer telepathy.

[end of fiction]

Creativity background

This illustration comes to fill the need to communicate our brand to the Quebra Gelo laundry and mobile stalls.

We had several initial and not very creative ideas, so after two days in the office with many possibilities under discussion, in the unsatisfied will we consider these solutions not ideal.

We crossed the concept of a t-shirt with many actions, objects and other concepts, we like the idea of ​​a t-shirt abducting a human being.

We managed to instill a message with various forms of interpretation, associating 3 key elements, Danger Signs, an UFO and of course T shirt

Remember the questions, is it a bird? is it an airplane? is the superman!!

So is it a T shirt? is a UFO? It’s a TshirtOvni!!

Some of the final hypotheses coming to a conclusion,


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