a creature

Idea Context

Our most natural tendency, as illustrators, is to create oniric and open to interpretation designs, which sometimes can be associated with some elements in nature.

These designs come both from pure randomness or from a simple thought or influence in mind while messing around on paper. They tend to represent a bit more of our particular style of illustrating.

That’s why we call them mutants and our online shop too. They keep changing perspectives and even to us they are always mutating, as our brand.

Creative background

Inspired by Lovecraft’s work, the hoggo is designed by just flowing throughout the paper and making it as organic and fluid as possible, sometimes mimicking shapes of some object or element of nature.

The eyes, making it pop up and thus becoming more vivid, create all these different expressions all along with the designed shape, making you analyze it more deeply.

Being so, this creature can be both a bit spooky but as well docile, depending on which pair of eyes you are looking at.

The technique used to design this one was a simple ballpoint pen, being then photographed and cleaned digitally to create a more effective silkscreen print.

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