a kiss from the golden river and its surrounding vineyards

The idea

At the beginning of this brand, we had to challenge our creativity, we wanted to participate in a sex convention, as a motive we chose to relate Porto’s buildings and landscapes to human sexual symbols.

We started by choosing the organs that are more sexually representative/ explicit: mouth/lips, breasts, butt, penis and vulva. Then we looked for them in the landscape and architecture landmarks of Porto, more or less two weeks before we got to sketching on paper/computer.

Some of these elements could be other or both some times, we had a hard choice.

At that point we identified the D. Luis I bridge with a vulva, a penis with the Clérigos Tower, breasts with Casa Música / Crystal Palace and lips with Douro River.

Lips as Douro River

Some words about the Douro River

Douro river gives to Porto city curved and contortionist shapes, which arise in a very original architectural city display.

Alongside the Douro margins, very beautiful vineyards can be found, and that is where Port Wine is born.

These vineyards make natural draws with some extreme beauty in the valleys where the river flows.

We fitted the Douro River curves and vines on the lips shape, as suggested by the last part of the river.

100% cotton, made in portugal

silkscreen printing with water based inks

Creativity background

We found the connection between the lips and the river top view, we studied some parts of the course, we found more similarities to the end part of it.

Starts at right more or less at D. Maria Pia bridge ending at left in the ocean.

Then a bright idea came, connecting the vineyards curves to fill the lips texture given a full connection along some important parts of the river.

This way we made the connection between two of the most significant parts of the Douro River, the winery region and the riverside architecture of the river mouth on the lips interior.

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