a hot air balloon

Idea Context

Our most natural tendency as illustrators is to create oniric and open to interpretation designs, which sometimes can be associated with some elements in nature.

These designs come both from pure randomness or from a simple thought or influence in mind, while messing around on paper. They tend to represent a bit more of our particular style of illustrating.

That’s why we call them mutants, and our online shop too. They keep changing perspectives and even to us they are always mutating, as our brand.

Creative background

Intended to be somewhat of a hot air balloon that carried a heart as its basket. The basket fell off, and the prevailing design was the balloon by itself.

This allowed us to look at it in a different way, and the people who saw it always seemed to come up with a whole new view of this little one.

A brain, a jellyfish, a tree are the most common associations we hear. That being said we searched into making the most of this adaptable design and using it as the online shop logo, for example.

Its simplicity and delicateness are the strongest qualities to this illustration.

Designed with a thin point pilot pen, scanned and digitally cleansed.

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