front view of a black sweatshirt with the front dodo illustration by fioAgua
back view of a black sweatshirt with the back dodo illustration by fioAgua
dodo front illustration by fioAgua
dodo back illustration by fioAgua

dodo sweatshirt


hoggo strikes again, morphed into a dodo that occupied a new environment! To check out more about this illustration click here!

This sweatshirt is made of 100% cotton and screen printed with water based inks.

Free totebag in a purchase

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Behind the beauty of mathematics illustration

Inspired by Benjamin Cowen’s youtube channel “Into The Cryptoverse”. The series “Bitcoin: The beauty of mathematics” was especially influential to us.

Cowen speaks about several aspects such as the crypto market cap & trendline chart, BTC price prediction, logarithmic regression trendline and the list goes on.

Stanford University mathematics professor Keith Devlin has said:

“like a Shakespearean sonnet that captures the very essence of love, or a painting that brings out the beauty of the human form that is far more than just skin deep, Euler’s equation reaches down into the very depths of existence”.

From all the things that capture “The Beauty of Mathematics”, why not the Euler equation?

Simple and beautiful beyond the average human capabilities…

The creative background

One of the best crypto youtubers that you can watch, with an extremely simple and cold analysis.

The man with “no soul” with only the beauty of mathematics as a tool.

In a demanding illustration like this we chose the subtle Euler’s formula to bring to life the phrase “The Beauty of Mathematics”. We love typewriting and for this illustration we created our own font using the 3-dimensional graphical representation of Euler’s formula.

Behind the Gensler's Slingshot illustration

We were recently impacted by H. R. Giger’s Jesus Slingshot to a degree that we thought about creating something from that.

Inspired by the allegory of the deities in Giger’s work we had the urge to represent that in the crypto environment. Then we reach Gary Gensler, the first man in an elevated spot in the US government with deep knowledge about crypto. Gensler is also a key player in the process of regulating the trillion-dollar cryptocurrency industry.

Some people think Garry may be a messiah of the cryptocurrency, others think the opposite. Could there be any other intentions behind him? Can he bring greater regulatory oversight to the crypto market? Is he going to put down the bad actors and make a better world?

The creative background

We tried to transmit the many interpretations and doubts from the referenced art (from Giger) in this illustration. With the importance of the actors in the art, we thought that Gary’s image could also portray different interpretations. A man with a career so deep in finance and an MIT blockchain professor couldn’t ignore us.

Is Garry a christ or a devil in this illustration? Who’s behind the slingshot? Where’s the slingshot pointing at?

Behind the Central Banks Pinocchio illustration

Why? Just watch the Coin Bureau youtube channel, in particular, this video allows light to a black hole.

Throughout the years we had lies and mistakes, corrupt connections between politics and central banks, money printing without control.

Pinocchio is the perfect character to represent an institution that is deeply connected to lies and obscure behaviors.

To complete the context we introduce the retailers and whales that are very characteristic in this space

The creative background

The day-to-day behavior of retail traders and whales intersects with Evil Pinocchio’s path.

Behind the acidEth illustration

A revolution is coming: “the world’s programmable blockchain.”  We are all crypto enthusiasts and thus we can see Eth as a drug that we can’t get rid of. Interpreting it as “acid”, also known as LSD, our Eth illustration can produce different points of view. The effects of acid Eth are stimulating, mind-altering and pleasurable to the user. But sometimes it can lead to unpleasant feelings and terrifying experiences that we call “bad trips”. The future that we see will surely be a wonderful trip!

The creative background

This needs to be a strong representation, so addictions, dreams and expectations.